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ER Media ToolKit

 Software By Professionals for Professionals

designed for AV professionals, Video Editors, film & video music composers, sound engineers and more.

This ToolKit is the fastest and must easiest way to replace audio in video (non-destructive), batch convert any video into Apple ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR and AVC video aka H264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) and more.

"ER Media ToolKit" uses under the hood FFmpeg code with easy to use and user friendly GUI to easily create new media in a single Drag&Drop.


With "ER Media ToolKit" You can also add more audio streams in any selected video, separate audio and video streams, fix audio offset created by h264 videos with aac audio or wmv videos and other highly compressed media formats. you can extract audio as Wav 48khz 16/24 bit from any video doesn't matter if it is mono, stereo multichannel or surround sound and the same goes for replacing audio. 

"ER Media ToolKit" gives you the ability to constraint video frame rate, rotate videos clockwise or counterclockwise, create video from an image sequence and lots of other cool, fast and easy media handling essential for video editors, sound engineers and other media Pros.

Supported video formats: .mov;.mxf;.mp4;.avi;.mp2;.m2v;.m2t;.mpg;.mpeg;.mpeg4;.f4v;.m4v;.mkv;.webm;.qt;.vob;.mqv;.wmv;.avc;.mpv;.rm;.rmvb;.f4p;.3gp;.ogv;.m2ts;.ts


Supported audio formats: 



Supported Image Sequence formats:

.tif .tiff .png .tga .exr .gif

Instructions for Apple users:

To use ER Media ToolKit Apps under macOS you need to have FFmpeg installed on your system, unlike window the mac package cannot install it for you, therefore we provide you the simplest necessary steps to install FFmpeg on your OS X system.

If you already have FFmpeg installed just make suer it exist here: /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg 

and that it includes FFprobe:  /usr/local/bin/ffprobe

If you do have FFmpeg installed but elsewhere, just create an alias to the above location and you're all set. 

(google search: OS X create alias if necessary)

In case you don't have FFmpeg installed and you need to install it we suggest using Homebrew, it's the easiest way to add packages on your Mac.

?Homebrew is a command-line package manager, In order to use it, you need to install brew first, if you haven't already done so:

Open Spotlight, type:  Terminal and open the Terminal service application.

To figure out if Homebrew is already installed on your system type: which brew

If it returns something like: /usr/local/bin/brew   it means  Homebrew is installed on your system. You can do the same for FFmpeg, type: which ffmpeg

If which brew returns:  brew not found   do the following:

Copy the following line (make sure you copy the line in full), paste it into the Terminal command-line and press Enter: 

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

When asked, Enter your user password, seat back and wait for the installation to complete (can take up to 5 min. if you have a very slow computer but average install time is 2 minutes)

When it's done you can use 'brew' to setup FFmpeg with all options enabled.

Copy the folloing line (be sure to copy the entire text line) paste into Terminal command-line and press Enter:

brew install ffmpeg --with-fdk-aac --with-ffplay --with-freetype --with-libass --with-libquvi --with-libvorbis --with-libvpx --with-opus --with-x265

This process is longer, can take up to 15 to 25 minutes, just leave it be and go back to your business until it is done.

When it's done just download and copy our apps (down below) into your Applications folder, create a shortcut onto your Dock  and start having fun !

(you can drop videos directly on the Dock icon, no need to open the app first) 


"ER Media ToolKit" is available for Windows 7, 8 & 10 (64 bit) and mac OS X.

It works very smooth, fast and without any known bugs, if you find any bugs please report below so we can fix them.

This Software is a result of decades real world experience in audio to video production, video editing, long time, R&D, coding, debugging, packaging etc. to make this tool's workflow smart, intuitive, fast and easy for AV professionals, music composers and more.

You are invited to download "ER Media ToolKit" latest version right now, work with it for as much as you like and we trust that if you find it helpful you will honour us with a "small token of appreciation" here below.


Contribute to ER Media ToolKit video conversion

Change Logs and Download links

(Last update: November 12 2018)

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Click here to download ER Media ToolKit latest Windows installer.

Note: If you have previous version installed just install the newer version over it. (no uninstall needed)

If this is your first time installing ER you may need to restart Windows after install to make the new environment variables take effect.

Click here for the macOS X latest package.

Just copy the content of this package (Four apps) into your Applications folder.

Note: If you have previous versions installed just replace/overwrite the older versions with the new one.

* Do the following to add "MediaER" as Post Process in Steinberg's "Export Audio Mixdown" Window:
Download this zip file
Copy the files: "OpenInMediaER.aepp" and "MediaER.png" from within the zip into:
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Audio Export Post Process Scripts
Launch your Steinberg's DAW and enjoy :)

Windows users get this as part of the windows installer, just enable it at the bottom of the "Export Audio Mixdown" Window in your Steinberg's DAW Post Process Tab.


Change Logs:

ER 1.4.38 change log

Note: this update introduces new Windows installer,  Because of the big changes it might be wiser to remove the previous version via Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs, then install with the installer from the .zip file, it designed to recognise and update older versions, just not always doing the best job at it.

Bug fix:

  • During app launch and loading user presets potential app crashing in very rare cases - Fixed
  • If both 'Video Rotation' and 'Force Size To -' are selected in certain situations output video would have wrong dimensions - Fixed


  • Improved error reporting and logging mechanism
  • Changed: In-app newer version detection and download mechanism.
  • Thinner progress-bar (Windows only)
  • All around GUI cosmetic changes.
  • FFmpeg Assets moved to 'Program Files' folder and are now get validated within the app via Absolute Windows Environment variable call (that been added to the new installer) and not being checked on a specific expected folder as before, which means that from now on you can actually move the FFmpeg assets virtually anywhere you choose as long as you point the Windows environment variable 'Path' to the correct path.
  • Windows installer now adds "MediaER" as Post Process in Steinberg's "Export Audio Mixdown" window so you can now export an audio from Steinberg's products and send it directly into MediaER with one click.
  • New Windows installer (Digitally Signed).
  • Some GUI text sizes adjustments, affects only Mac UHD screen users.

New features:

  • Added: Conform Video Frame Rate (another frame rate conversion method - Optional CheckBox in settings window)
  • Added: Link to ER Media ToolKit web page (by clicking bottom right audiospot Logo)
  • Added: 'Video Transport Stream' file extension .ts (TS files are often saved as multiple files on a DVD, i.e. "moviename1.ts,")

ER 1.4.27 change log

-  Major update for Mac users !  -

Bug fix:

  •  Some rare video properties cause the apps hard crashes, Fixed
  •  Only in MediaER app. small GUI text caption improvement and minor navigation bug fixes.


  • Brand new progress bar engine and algorithm, the previous one didn't work as expected under MacOS and had occasional glitches in Windows.
  • Various all around improvements.

New features:

  • Added: Check For Software Updates CheckBox (In all applications at the bottom of the setting window).
  • Added: In MediaER, ProResER and DNxER apps you can now preserve the original file names without the additional text after it. To enable this option go to Settings screen and check the new "Preserve Original File Name" checkbox.

1.4.16 change log

Bug fix:

  • Small GUI Bug fix (affected apps: DNxER, BRxDVD, ProResER)
  • In MediaER app the new "Add Audio Stream" option wrongly became the default action instead of   "Replace Audio" option - Fixed


New FFmpeg Engine

1.4.12 change log

Bug fix:

  • All around improvements and minor bug fixes.


  • Various GUI improvements.

New features:

  • Added extract multiple audio streams in MediaER app.
  • Added: In MediaER app you can now add your selected audio file as an additional stream to all existing audio streams by checking the new '+' sign (checkbox) that from now on will appear each time you press 'Replace Audio' radio button. (as always the audio stream format will be auto-adjusted to comply with the selected video container requirements)

ER 1.3.29 change log

Bug fix:

  •  In all flavors of the ToolKit minor bug fixes.


  •  Various GUI improvements including progress bar accuracy improvement.

New features:

  •  Under Windows the ToolKit supported so far only ASCII Character Set (on Mac OS there were no limitations) which meant when using the ToolKit on Windows: you could only work with files and folder trees ASCII characters formatted all the way through. we are glad to announce it is no longer the case, from this version forward the app's Windows version supports Unicode.
  •  Under macOS you can now use Mouse Wheel to scroll up and down above all listboxes. (in Windows version you could always do that, no change)
  •  Added new member to the ToolKit: BRxDVD for instant DVD and Blu-Ray media creation.
  •  Added: Create video from Image Sequence in all flavors of the ToolKit, just set target FPS (Image Sequence FPS) in settings window: 'Output video frame rate per second' and after that you can drop on the app the first image of the sequence. Note: sequence need to start at 0 and to be longer than 4 seconds, leading zeros are essential as well. example formatting: image_000.tif , supported image formats are - tif, png, tga, exr, gif

ER 1.3.22 change log

Bug fix:

  •  In all three versions of the app:
  •  Auto Audio Sync Fix got broken after last update while implanting Multi Audio Stream support, Fixed, you can now convert videos safely again, knowing the converter keep audio synchronisation.
  •  Anamorphic formating had unwanted behavior in some cases, Fixed.
  •  If a user chose LetterBoxing and Rotating input video in the same process/run the app would only Rotate the video without LetterBoxing the video, Fixed.


  •  Multi Audio Stream support further improvement.
  •  Replace audio in video algorithm improvement.
  •  Window installer/updater further improvement.

New features:

  •  All input media specifications reading and diagnostics before render begins rewritten completely to improve accuracy and speed resulting in ~400ms less pre-process diagnostics and better process applied due to better diagnostics accuracy.
  •  Added m2ts video support.
  •  In ProResER app, Added Interlaced/Progressive support (valid only when using 'Quality' mode combined with 'Force Size To'), for those who need to keep interlacing with their videos or to Fake interlaced media in progressive input by duplicating fields and flagging/tagging the output media as Interlaced.
  •  After adding Interlaced support the reasonable thing to do was to add support for TV formats - SD PAL (720x576) and SD NTSC (720x480) which are the most common users of Interlaced videos, so now you can force any input media into PAL TV and NTSC TV (consult drop down list tips for full options).

ER 1.3.17 change log

Major bug fixes:

  •  Window installer did not update previous installation correctly, it mistakenly recognized previous build as same build so users had to uninstall > reinstall in order to properly update version, sorry for that, Fixed.
  •  When clicking an item in the created media list (along with modifier keys), in certain cases could result in app crash, Fixed.
  •  In rare cases the progress bar could 'go nuts' do to incorect progress data from the encoder, Fixed.
  •  MediaER only, when using 'Fixed video mode' and 'Fixed audio mode' if not converting the video to H264 and using 'Replace Audio' the procedure for MOV / MXF extension was broken, Fixed.
  •  MediaER omly, M4P, M4V files were 'mistreated' by the system and in some cases reported Error 1 (incorrect audio), Fixed

New features:

  •  In the ProResER app, added processing priority toggle (Speed/Quality), the 'Speed' option based on a very high quality generic encoder that delivers quick results , the 'Quality' option is a much slower encoder that delivers YUV 10-bit colour depth on all ProRes profiles plus it register under both Mac and Windows 'apl1' the Apple vendor ID for ProRes encoding. Note that the 444 profile will always use the slower option even if you set the slider to speed because the faster encoder does not support Alpha channels.
  •  Added multiple audio streams support in ProResER and DNxER apps - the affected processes are: Extract Audio to Wav (both options) and all ProRes/DNxHD-HR conversion types that do not include replacing audio. Note, audio replacement will remove any existing audio streams from the video file.
  •  In MediaER app, added option to use any video as your audio replacement in another video file, just drag any video onto the main app window while holding ctrl+shift and you'll see the droped video appear in the audio replacement position, now you can drop the second video as you normally would and MediaER automatically starts incorporating the audio from the first video with the picture from the second video.

Show and tell video

The video was made using 1.2.45

Current ER Media ToolKit version


The Video covers the basics and most of the App's features 

(26 minutes long)

Once you get the basics it should be fairly easy for you to learn the rest from the app's ToolTips.

For Any Question or Request Please Contact Us

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